Friday, April 2, 2010


It took me eight tries to get this post to work! Ugh! Anyway, we've been pretty busy these last couple of weeks, and in general feeling tired on my part. Laylah has started a newish trend of screaming and throwing a fit every time she doesn't get what she wants immediately. It's very frustrating. If the swing she wants is taken she cries and wants to go home. If one of her friends has the toy she wants, she cries and wants to go home. If she can't have ice cream, cookies, orange chips (dorritos, her favorite thing on earth) she cries and won't be reasoned with. I know she's testing boundaries and that it's difficult to learn to share and take turns, but she was doing so well before and now this! It's driving me nutty! Every day she has at least eight complete breakdowns. It's exhausting. The biggest issue is that she does this mostly when we are out somewhere and I have yet to figure out a way to have a time-out when we are not at home. Threatening to leave wherever we are usually won't work because that's what she wants in the first place and giving in will just teach her to continue, plus I will not leave a cart full of groceries that we need just because she's upset that I won't let her have a donut for dinner! UUUURRRRGH!

See? paragraphs. :) So, besides all that, we've decorate for Easter this week, made a few crafts. We went to Gymboree and made an Easter bucket with lots of egg stickers and her name on it. She loves it. We also went to Toddler Thursday again and she painted outside, well after a tantrum about wanting chick-fil-a right then! We'd just gotten there! and yes we went after. Of course we painted eggs and I put strings on them to hang up on our Easter tree. She was very creative with it. Used brushes, fingers, rubbed the eggs in the paint. Oh, and I finally got our story laminated. I think I mentioned that we made a story in the style of Eric Carle? with the animals? I finally got it together and wrote a story to go with the pictures and then we got it laminate, so that it stays nice. It's crazy how much it costs to get stuff laminated though! $37 for six pages! Really?

Over the weekend I got to partake in a really amazing baby shower for a mom we know here. It was called a Giving Way ceremony. Very Earth Goddess/Mother'ish, circles, candles, flowers, blessings. It made me sad I didn't get to do that, but I hope to next time. We all made home made gifts for the mom and we also got to paint her big belly, very cute. We also visited the Atlanta CYCLORAMA! I capitalized it cause it's just fun to say, try it! It's a big oil painting of the Battle of Atlanta during the civil War, it's in a round room and you sit in the middle and rotate to see all of it. Pretty spectacular. I'd recommend it. Before that we went to Sublime Donuts, near Georgia Tech, sooooo yummy! Everyone should go here! The owner wants his donuts to be the most requested last meal of prisoners on death row, I can totally see that happening.

After all that sugar we went to Lee's house for a cook-out. Laylah loves Lee. Loves loves loves Lee. Too bad he's married. She got to run in the yard, play with the dogs, pick various plants, she had a blast. Brandon and Lee got very tipsy and played their favorite game of looking up stuff on u-tube. Yay. I was sober. Yay. I got to drive him home where he continued to look up stuff on u-tube and tried to convince me it was the funniest thing ever. Yay.

Today we had our Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt. They had a good time looking for eggs, opening, trading, wanting more eggs. It was at a local playground so we had lunch there and played too. Of course two minutes after we get there Laylah has a fit because the swings are taken and she cries, screams, runs away and wants to go home. Before the egg hunt! Ugh! It's all about distraction I guess. But of course telling her about the hunt, she wanted it right NOW! and we weren't ready yet. Another fit. She will get over this, maybe not soon enough, but someday. I hope. Ok, gotta run and pick up hubby. Tomorrow is the dino-egg hunt at the dino museum. Please, please, please, don't have a fit as soon as we get there and refuse to participate! Please?


jane said...

My saying was- this too shall pass. I really said that a lot and all those things are memories now. Well I don't think Brandon still does it does he? LOVE YOU ALL

eralon said...

Paragraphs hooray! Loved reading the new stylized post.