Thursday, March 11, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere!

It seems like everyone I know has either just had a baby, is having one, or is trying to have one. We fall into the last category, hoping it won't take too long. However, because of all of these babies I am in baby-stuff making mode. My friends Cathy and Alea are both due in April and I realized last week, crap! I have not made any blankets or hats or anything! So to Michaels we went and bough a boatload of yarn, which, as it turned out, was still not enough, apparently I needed an oil tanker-load of yarn. So Cathy is going with a Tigger theme so I've made her a yellow/pink/white little cap for the baby, cause even though she'll be born in April babies always need little hats when they are first born, they get cold easily. I'm also making her a tigger blanket, which is what I need more yarn for. I hope I get it done before she's actually due though. Alea is going the natural route, home birth, not finding out the gender, so I made her a blue and purple little hat because she thinks she's having a boy and she likes blue in any case. She is having a birthing encouragement party with her midwife and we are all supposed to bring something home-made, some encouraging note cards for her to read while in labor, and something to eat. So I've made her a vase that I painted with a mother and child, sun and moon, her sign and the baby's, I'm going to fill it with sour lollypops that she can suck on during labor since the roof of the mouth has a pressure point that is supposed to relieve pain. I'm going to send some to Cathy too, but they might not let her have them in the hospital since they don't let you eat anything or drink anything while in labor. I think everything is turning out well, we'll see, it has certainly kept me busy most evenings. Makes me think about the little babies coming soon and how precious they will be, how precious Laylah is, how small she was.. I know it will be a challenge to have two, but I think she'll be such a good big sister, she keeps telling me she wants a boy baby in Mommy's tummy, and to name him Quinn, her current boyfriend. She's a funny one. Today we went to Gymboree where she did a great job participating and following directions, sharing even! After that we went to the grocery store, and she played by herself when we got home so that I could straighten up a little and make some banana bread with our old bananas. Added some ground flax seeds and wheat germ this time for an extra boost, we'll see how we like it. The house always smells so good after baking banana bread though. Then we sat down to paint, just a few sheets with green, yellow, blue and spunges and fingers. I'm going to cut out Clovers from them and put them in the window. When we were done she said is was nap time, I love how she does that, I hope it lasts forever. During her nap I've made her a St. Patrick's Day crown out of felt, pipe-cleaners, and glitter and some clover pins for Brandon and I to wear that day, just for fun, maybe if he wears his I can hook it to his tie like a tie pin. Other than making lots of green food I don't know what we'll do for St. Patrick's Day yet. OOps, she's awake, Time to get more yarn and finish these baby projects so I can send them off before the babies arrive. Though nine months seem to last forever, it really does zoom by, I hope we get to experience that zooming soon again too!

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