Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week in Review

Let's see...this week we've enjoyed fine weather, spent a day cleaning up vomit and rushing to an after-hours Pediatrician, of course we've been to the dinosaur museum, and the necessary weekly dentist appointment, but we also had my LAST dentist appointment (for six months), went to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy 70 degrees outside, and had a fantastic Mama's night out. A couple of the moms that we see often decided in December that we should have a monthly outing for Mommies, dinner, a movie, some special activity, so relax, without our kids or husbands, where we can unwind and complain about those we love best. This Sunday was the all time best one, so far. We went to a tapas restaurant with seven moms. After pitchers of sangria and mojitos our pregnant dd took us all to see Dear John, terrible, very very bad movie btw, and two moms left/got thrown out of the theater for making too much noise about how much it sucked, those of us that were not quite so blasted stayed and regretted it, but it was a great time anyway. We all laughed too much, ate too much, and decided we all need another bachelorette party, with me, being the one married the longest (how scary is that?) as the bride. We'll see if this comes about. We are also going to do a painting class together soon. It is really great to have girlfriends that are at the same place in life that you can go to for advice, cry with, laugh with, trust your children with, and I feel really lucky to have that here. So after our wild night out, Monday was still busy. Laylah's friend Sofia and her mom and little baby sister went with us to the Atlanta History Center for their Easter Egg Hunt. They had a great time searching for eggs at the farm, saw some real chickens, made a crafts of a chicken coming out of an egg, played cornhole with stuffed peeps and won prizes. It was also 70 degrees out so after nap we also went to the Fernbank Science Center that afternoon to walk in their forest and smell the daffodils. And since the Fernbank is right around the corner we went to the dino museum after that. Tuesday we went to a playground with our usual group then went to La Leche League meeting at Harry's, the gigantic Whole Foods out here. There was free lunch included, though since it was Kale salad and wraps, Laylah ate none of it and we went to Chick fil-a after. She loves shopping at Herry's though because they have those little kids carts that she can push herself, I just wish she didn't get tired of pushing it half way through and so I end up bent over pushing it while carrying her at the same time, ugh. They also don't fit much in them. It was a good day though. Then started raining last night and has not stopped, at all. Of course I had to drive all the way out to Roswell to drop Laylah off at Play while I went to my last dentist appointment, and of course my wipers have decided they don't function on fast mode (they flip themselves around and scrape the windshield to hell) so I ended up going about 40mph on the highway in torrential downpour with wipers set at just above super slow and everyone passing me for four trips back and forth to get here there, get me to the dentist, go back and get here and then get us home. I'm freakin' exhausted from driving with so much tension! I hate driving in the rain like that! Thank God we got home safe. Oh and I did actually stop at a Jiffy Lube on the way back to get her and asked them about the wipers, apparently I just need to go to an auto parts store and get entirely new more hefty ones cause the ones that came with the car just aint cuttin' it. yay. So they could do nothing. Laylah had a good time though at Play, she was jumping in the bouncy house laughing when I picked her up. She wanted to go to an outside wee right after but I had to explain that was a bad idea in the rain. And it's supposed to rain until Saturday, I might just not leave the house till then. I'm traumatized. We'll see. At least no more dentist for a while, a long while. I'm telling my teeth now that if they ever do that again, whichever tooth is responsible will not be given a second chance to get their act straight, they are out! No going to the dentists every two weeks or more for six months ever again, stupid teeth. Ok, gotta go, need to just sit and relax and not think about my knuckles white on the steering wheel hoping my wipers would hold out on the drive home. Stupid wipers. I need another mama's night out, tonight, with a hummer limo and driver. May your wipers be working and the rain not hit you!

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